Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Life Saving Technology

Can’t live without it!

Would you spend $350 on something that could save your life?
something that could prolong your life?

    Let me tell you a story. I've had, like millions of others - probably most of us, times when my heart felt like it was beating at an abnormally fast rate. Nothing to be concerned about while exerting yourself. I'd checked it out in the past with a cardiologist, and all looked normal.
    But recently I had an episode just while sitting on the couch watching TV. So I checked the heart rate on my applewatch. The bpm were approaching 200. So a few days later I went to the cardiologist, who hooked me up to all those sophisticated monitors and again, all looked normal. They said a fast heart rate was not concerning, unless if was irregular. I was also able to confirm that the heart rate monitor on the applewatch was indeed very accurate.
    But just in case, they gave me a little monitor to record tachycardia. The next event indeed did show that I had atrial fibrillation as well. So now I am taking medication, and know to be more careful with caffeine intake, etc. Although my 'afib' is infrequent, it does add to the risk of heart attack and stroke.
    So I am very grateful to be aware of this condition. Without the watch telling me that, in fact my heart rate was high, and seriously high, I would not have checked into it. Without the apple watch I can’t differentiate between 75 bpm versus over 100, or - when I should take it easy rather than having nothing to worry about. It's much like a sophisticated biofeedback machine.
    Knowing when my heart rate is very high, I can lower it with breathing techniques.

So, it could very well be saving my life. I also love the fitness tracking, to see how many miles I walk daily. Plus I don’t miss phone calls anymore!

Knowing whether you're perfectly fine or if there's something you need to take care of will give you peace of mind. Both are better than ignorance (nothing blissful about that). No one wants to be surprised by a dangerous condition.

Life saving technology is nothing to scoff at,
it might mean you're not smart enough for a smart watch!

The applewatch will make you more health conscious. I think that's a very good thing.

Some heart facts:
❤️    Normal resting heart rate is 60-100 bpm. Ideal is 50 - 70.
         Lower rate means the heart is more efficient, less health risks.
❤️    Palpitations do not mean you are having a heart attack. (don't panic unnecessarily.)
         Here's when you should go to hospital:
         chest pains, problems breathing, passing out, dizziness.
❤️    Heart attack symptoms in women can be more subtle:
         pain in arms, neck, back, stomach. nausea, sweating, fainting, numbness.
❤️    Heart rate and blood pressure are not necessarily linked.
❤️    Heart healthy diet: vegetables, lean meat, low fat dairy, you know!
         Eating this kind of diet makes you 30% less likely to die than those who don't.


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  1. Nice piece, and obviously, also important as it's sharing some potentially life saving information, Well done.