Monday, March 2, 2015

Love it or Fix it?

Re: Giuliani’s recent comments on patriotism

The way conservatives view this country, versus liberals/progressives, strikes me as similar to how parents might approach the challenge of raising a child who is chronically ill - let’s say with autism. Like all analogies, this is not a perfect one, but here’s what I mean.
The conservative parents love their child fiercely, they want to protect her against all harm. They, understandably, lash out at anyone who criticizes her or seems to pose a threat. They put their faith in doctors and specialists, and follow their instructions closely. They come from backgrounds where it is unheard of to question authority.
The progressive parents want to cure their daughter, or at least, fight against the condition to improve her quality of life as much as possible. They won’t give up. In addition to the doctors’ advice, they research scientific and medical discoveries and try new, promising treatments; and gradually, subtly, their child improves.
Now, perhaps the conservative parents just didn’t notice their child had autism. They think their child is perfect the way she is, even though others see her inadequacies quite clearly. Or maybe they don’t think extra efforts will pay off, that it isn’t possible for her to get any better.
I am very happy to stand firmly in the camp of trying to make my daughter and my country the best she can be. Progressive people have succeeded, and will continue to succeed in future generations as challenges arise. We won’t accept conditions like intolerance without debate and action.

It’s not a question of who loves their child or country more, the more important question is
which parenting/governing style produces the best result?

I’m glad we have a President who has been so good at fixing things, like making sure all of our citizens have access to health care, whether they have autism or anything else.
So much of life is deciding between acceptance of the status quo and working toward a vision of a better future.
Let’s elect people who have conviction, ideas and plans for improvement. 
Wanting the country to get better doesn’t mean we don’t love it.

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