Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Must See Movies

It recently came to my attention that some of my younger colleagues do not know who Cary Grant is. Quelle horreur! This is practically beyond my comprehension. Have they just been playing video games their whole lives!?
So to attempt to rectify - here are 2 lists of loosely defined 'classic' films that I urge 'young' people to explore at their most earliest convenience!
Of course there will be plenty of evolved males and females who can cross over this arbitrary line. Plus I hope those with partners will enjoy these together. Per my personal prejudice, I limited the war movie/violence selection.
These films are shown on Turner Classic Movies (cable). And almost all can be found on Apple tv.


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  2. I should have included "His Girl Friday", who cares if I already have a bunch of Cary Grant flicks?