Monday, January 9, 2012

How 'Big Government' has benefited me

Let's start with my Dad. Because of the New Deal policies of FDR, he was able to go to college and became an engineer. If he had not, he would most likely have ended up working on the railroad like his father. He wouldn't have moved to Philadelphia, he wouldn't have met my mother and I wouldn't even exist. Thank you Democrats.
But presuming I was born, we would not have had a middle class life, and perhaps I would not have had the means to go to college either. Instead of living in a reasonably nice suburb, perhaps we would have remained in the poor rural Pennsylvania area where my Dad grew up. My sister would not have gone on to get her PhD, and all of the students she has taught through her career would have missed out -  to their great detriment.
Let's presume I did somehow get to college, and had roughly the same life I have now - I would not be living in New York City. Republicans would do away with rent stabilization in a heartbeat, so to work here I would have to be a commuter - which, most likely, would have resulted in my working elsewhere. So that means I wouldn't have met that guy and had my wonderful daughter.
But let's presume she got born somehow too. She has a preexisting medical condition, so especially if she ends up as a freelancer - which is very likely - she would probably not have medical insurance even if she could afford it. She wouldn't be able to afford her many medications (one of them costs about $25 per pill - that's right - per teeny tiny little pill - that manage her crippling migraines).
Thanks to "Obamacare" I'll be able to keep her on my insurance until she's 26. This means so much to us, Thank you Democrats.
Thanks to the excellent education system, she benefited from going to the top Public schools in New York City. She would not have had that variety of choice and challenging learning environment anywhere else. (Obama mentioned her High School in one of his speeches). Because of public transportation, she'll be able to get around the strange city she'll be in for college, and ride home on the train. Thank you Democrats!
In a few years, after a lifetime of multiple jobs, having my own businesses and much hard work, I'm looking forward to retiring. Without Social Security and Medicare, I wouldn't be able to consider it, despite saving my entire adult life in IRA's and my 401K. Thank you Democrats.
Small government apostles don't believe in banding together to create social programs that help citizens (except when it's them). They think we should all be on our own, pitted against profit hungry corporations, letting free markets run amok without regulations.
No student loans, no public health insurance, no progressive income tax, no environmental or consumer protections, no workplace safety protections. Fewer police and Fire houses - want to think about those consequences? No libraries, no Sesame Street. How about some new roads & bridges? Should we get rid of the FDA and just ingest any drug or food product that comes our way? No regulation of banks? How about the Coast Guard? Even though I never go near the water, let alone going in it or on it, I'm sure willing to pitch in to help people get rescued, why isn't everyone? I even like the idea of having public beaches, parks & playgrounds, even though I may never set foot on any again. Isn't it worth a few tax $ per citizen to provide safety nets and safeguards? My family sure thinks so.
So if the Republicans had their way 1) I wouldn't exist. 2) my daughter wouldn't exist. Or I'd be living somewhere I don't like, doing something I don't like, with a lousy standard of living and a lot more worries. (let's hope I'm exaggerating!)
And so would a vast majority of the country. Without the New Deal, the country wouldn't have pulled out of the Depression (when FDR cut back spending due to backlash, there was another immediate recession, necessitating the Second New Deal). Just as Obama's steady hand dealing with the recent recession has prevented further financial disaster and resulted in our current financial recovery. Thank you democrats.
Of course with Republicans we would probably have more wars to watch on TV:  Libya, Iran, Egypt? Anybody still pissed at the French? - let's go kick their ass!
Those soldiers sure wouldn't be coming home from Iraq.
THANK YOU Democrats.

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